The Shakes :: You Ain’t Alone

In reference to my posting ‘new music’ on the blog, I’m often asked what it is I’m looking for. It’s simple, I’m hunting for ‘the real’ — the stuff that can’t be faked…the happy accidents, the sound of strings out of tune from humidity, Ike Turner’s busted amp on “Rocket 88,” blood, sweat, tears, what-have-you. In short, expressions of the human condition. The real is an elusive chase and one that rarely comes pre-packaged all nice and spit-shined via a PR firm. As such, finding it makes it that much sweeter.

The Shakes, from the small town of Athens, AL are a slice of the real; an unhinged, and as of yet unsigned, blues-based soul outfit fronted by a woman armed with a whole lotta voice and a Gibson SG. And as for what I’m looking for, “You Ain’t Alone” is about as real as you can get.

The Shakes :: You Ain’t Alone

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  1. Wholly and absolutely surprised this song didn’t come from an era other than our present one. Wow. Two thumbs way up. Thanks for keeping things real.

  2. Stunning cut! Thanks for posting this. Really woke me up this morning. Real indeed. I’m absolutely must track this down.

  3. Awesomeness!!! Anywhere we can get an EP? Or at least some other mp3s? More, more, more!!!

  4. They are everything that is right, and everything a lot of hipster bands are getting oh so wrong.

  5. I caught these guys a few months ago, just by chance and was lucky enough to be given an advance of the album. I tell you that it is amazing but the power these guys exhibit live is not to be missed. They ARE soul music…

  6. Just fantastic. A Katy Perry song just sounds sad and embarrassing next to something this soulful.

  7. If the folks at Daptone are looking for a new act, I don’t think they need to look far. This is delicious. “123 are you too scared to dance for me?” that’s a good meal, man

  8. glad there are folks who find the real to be somewhat similar to my real. because real can mean different things to different people. sometimes it’s an illusion. but this is real, of course.

  9. i think there might be two The Shakes? Or has their sound and location (Philly? Alabama??) changed? Maybe a case for Bored 2 Death in this…

  10. @digital – that bandcamp page is for a different band with the same name.

  11. So…that is IT, huh?? I can feel IT where I’m supposed to, I think…very, very nice.

  12. great sounds . . . she’s amazing, and i notice they’re playing a 3 day music event in nashville coming up late sept. it’ll be interesting to see if they end up signed intact, or endure some retooling . . .

    the bridges came out of that area a few years ago via matthew sweet production; pretty quiet since.

    speaking of authentic, have you read FAKING IT: The Quest for Authenticity in Popular Music? Very good, with a lot of provocative ideas related to this sort of deal.

  13. Heya! This band really puts on a performance! Thanks for posting! We passed by Athens a little while back..Sorry we missed em! We didn’t even know about em till we come across your great video post! Thanks for introducing us to the Shakes!! Keep it up!

  14. As soon as I heard The Shakes sweet sounds coming through my headphones, I emailed Gary at the Bradfordville Blues Club in Tallahassee, Florida and asked him to book ’em.

    Please, please Gary book ’em … We need The Shakes here in the country with Ms. Ernestine cookin’ up her world famous fried catfish nuggets and mullet …

    North Florida baby, just down the road!

  15. It hit me in the stomach. There is hope for us all. This is absolutely outstanding!

  16. The look on the audience’s faces last night at Stubbs in Austin, TX summed up the band’s rising status and reasons they will soon be HUGE!!!

  17. AD: this post perfectly encapsulates the heart and soul of Alabama Shakes talent. This is why I love your blog so much. The archive post are just as interesting as the latest, which is rare to find in so many music blogs yearning for “In the know music discovery” status

  18. I did an interview with the band in berlin last week. When i asked them if they remembered how people first noticed them, the first thing they mentioned was this blog. Good work.

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