For those of you sans satellite radio, below is the Aquarium Drunkard session we cut with Sonny & The Sunsets earlier this month in Los Angeles. It debuts on my SIRIUS/XMU show tomorrow. No stranger to the AD show (between his various and sundry projects and handles, Sonny Smith’s music seems to make an appearance every other week) the bay area singer/songwriter/producer is as prolific as he is inventive. The session was recorded, produced and engineered by Andrew Murdock at Hobby Shop Studios in Highland Park.

MP3: Sonny & the Sunsets :: Home And Exile (AD Session)
MP3: Sonny & the Sunsets :: Girls On The Streets (AD Session)
MP3: Sonny & the Sunsets :: Bad Vibes And Evil Thoughts (AD Session)

9 Responses to “Sonny & the Sunsets :: The Aquarium Drunkard Session”

  1. These guys are awesome.

  2. Love Sonny, gonna download these now.

  3. yes! dude just doesnt stop the jams.

  4. these guys have been making my summer! glad to hear some live stuff.

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  6. sick of reverb, give it a rest

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  9. I just realized the track I downloaded here (#2) is only a 2-second empty file . Is there anywhere to get hold of the proper track? I had downloaded it back in July 2011.

    Sonny & the Sunsets :: Girls On The Streets (AD Session)

    Was it ever part of a mixtape? : )


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