The Allah-Las :: Long Journey/Catamaran

If you’re a regular listener to my radio show, then you’re likely familiar with The Allah-Las. San Francisco’s Nick Waterhouse, who produced their 7″and released it via his own Pres Records, turned me on to the band earlier this year; they’ve since become one of my favorite local outfits going. Sounding jangly, fuzzy and not entirely of this time, the fellas are the house band at the Echo every Tuesday this month. It’s free…do check them out.

MP3: The Allah-Las :: Long Journey
MP3: The Allah-Las :: Catamaran

8 thoughts on “The Allah-Las :: Long Journey/Catamaran

  1. hey people, this sounds like 60’s garage fuzz ‘cuz that’s the swamp it was born outta!!

    Check the original: The Roots – It’s been a long journey here:

    The Allah-Lahs indeed make this track their own however, with this killer slab-o-wax from Pres Records!

  2. these songs have been playing nonstop at our practice space since we got em! i think its steeped into my bones at this point. there was a phenomenal live video of this band on Youtube, but its been since taken down. hope they come to the east coast

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