Stephen Malkmus :: Black Book

August 23rd marks the release of Mirror Traffic, Stephen Malkmus’s fifth ‘solo’ album since the dissolution of Pavement in 1999. Produced by Beck, the LP is being described as his some of his (and the Jicks) tightest work since his pop-leaning self-titled debut a decade ago. That album remains a favorite and contains one of my all-time favorite Malkmus album-openers (solo or otherwise), the caustic, low key, “Black Book.”

MP3: Stephen Malkmus :: Black Book

3 thoughts on “Stephen Malkmus :: Black Book

  1. I tried my ear with Pavement in the ’90s. I could feel the potential but it just didn’t resonate with me. But this, this I’m diggin’. Thanks for posting!

  2. @Deiter: I’d agree, Pavement had its moments but you can tell he’s much more comfortable, and arguably better, in his own skin these days.

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