Next Wednesday, August 24th, Aquarium Drunkard presents Obits at the Satellite in Silver Lake with Disappears and Beaters. Obits are touring behind this years LP, Moody, Standard And Poor; released last Spring. Disappears also have a 2011 record, Guider. We’re giving away several pairs of tickets to AD readers — to enter for a pair, leave your name and email address in the comments below. Winners will be notified prior to the show via email; tickets held at will-call.

17 Responses to “Aquarium Drunkard Presents :: Obits @ The Satellite, 8.24”

  1. I’d love me some Obits if you have a couple tickets to spare. Pine on, brother.

  2. Karen Nguyen
    For Obits tickets in Los Angeles @ the Satellite!

  3. Another great band. Thanks Rick!

  4. I want to rock out with Obits.

  5. For tix to Obits: Julia Hernandez,

  6. Ryan Wurzell

  7. Obits forever

  8. Please include me in the Obits tickets lotto! You have a great blog and DJ Soft Touch has been a great guest.

  9. Requested the night off for that show!! No work=no pay! Would love free tix!!!

  10. I’d love tickets. Thanks!

  11. Yay.

  12. Any chance of a link to a high rez copy of that beautiful poster?

  13. Strongly prefer the new Obits to the debut. Would love to see them again, especially with the new drummer!

    Alan deBoer

  14. yes please! thank you!

  15. I live in Baltimore but my brother is in Los Feliz. He would love to see this band so I am entering him into this contest. Anything to spread more Obits to new ears, right?

    Love this blog by the way.

  16. Yes please.

  17. Hook my my summer!

    Ignacio Villanueva

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