Elvis Presley :: Do The Clam

Ah, yes. I’ve always had a perverse love for some of the King’s most trite work — case in point the beach-party-ready “Do The Clam,” a song that clearly belongs on any dis-respectable Labor Day soundtrack.

MP3: Elvis Presley :: Do The Clam

4 thoughts on “Elvis Presley :: Do The Clam

  1. This song belongs right next to his “Crawfish” song, which is to say … I’m not sure either should see the light of day all that much. One Elvis song lover’s opinion, o’course.

  2. Try and hunt out “Elvis Greatest Sh*t” a great compilation featuring ‘Old macdonald’ where Elvis eat’s all the animals ‘There’s No Room To Rhumba In A Sports Car’ and my favourite
    ‘He’s Your Uncle Not Your Dad’

  3. Funny how the Japanese title for Do the Clam is “Let’s Go Swimming!”

    Apparently back then the Japanese could not be trusted to get into the zany mindset necessary for doing the clam, or even wanting to. Now we know better.

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