Richard Swift :: Walt Wolfman

It must be the season for new Richard Swift. Last month we shared the troubadour’s ode to a maimed hand, “Broken Finger Blues,” and today Swift offers up “Whitman,” the first taste from his forthcoming release, Walt Wolfman. A fine ode from one American iconoclast to another, “Whitman” — all propulsive chugging drums and keys — finds Swift’s r&b falsetto in fine form. A vinyl/mp3 only release, look for Wolfman October 18th.

MP3: Richard Swift :: Whitman

5 thoughts on “Richard Swift :: Walt Wolfman

  1. Are these the same songs that were on the 3″ CD Laminar subscription release? Basically has the same cover minus the text I think.

  2. I was wondering the same thing. I believe it is with “Whitman” as an added track to the previous tracklist. Found this tracklist over at 24bit.

    Walt Wolfman Tracklist

    01. “Whitman”
    02. “MG 333″
    03. “Laugh It Up”
    04. “Zombie Boogie”
    05. “Out & About”
    06. “Drakula (Hey Man!)”
    07. “St. Michael”

  3. OK, thanks.
    It’s been a while since I listened to the EP, but I remember the vocals were really distorted almost to the point where it kinda annoyed me (and I basically like everything Swift has ever done), but Whitman doesn’t sound that way. I wonder if he has remixed it or anything.

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