Early rock & roll fetishist, garage devotee, punk rocker, bandleader, impresario: Billy Childish has gone by about as many names and monikers as he has mustaches (and he’s had some good ones on both counts) but at their core, whether recording as Thee Headcoats, The Milkshakes,¬†Thee Mighty Caesars or The Buff Medways they all boil down to a Billy Childish album.

While a true, multi-decade, career overview would be exhaustive, I gave this collection, My First Billy Childish Album, to a friend earlier this week who is interested in the artist, if a bit intimidated by his daunting catalog. At 18 tracks the succinct overview provides an idea of where Childish is coming from, kicking off with the early punk rock snarl of “Archive From 1959.” Voil√†.

MP3: The Buff Medways :: Archive From 1959

3 Responses to “The Buff Medways :: Archive From 1959”

  1. Billy Childish IS rock ‘n’ roll. Everyone else should just give it up.

  2. been listening to childish and childish-ish albums all day… the melchior and childish album devil in the flesh has always been a favorite.

  3. All Hail Billy Childish!

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