Dug reading all of your thoughts on the upcoming Beach Boys SMiLE sessions earlier this week. After posting it, a deluge of emails came in requesting that I re-post the Beach Boys rehearsal sessions that have popped up on AD a couple of times since 2005. So, in lieu of uploading each of the tracks separately, I’ve bundled the session in a zip file in hopes it will be around for a while to download…you know, for ‘posterity.’ Tracklist and DL link after the jump.

Download: The Beach Boys :: Rehearsal Sessions 1967 (zipped folder)

The Beach Boys :: God Only Knows
The Beach Boys :: California Girls
The Beach Boys :: Surfer Girl
The Beach Boys :: You’re So Good To Me
The Beach Boys :: The Letter
The Beach Boys :: Help Me Rhonda
The Beach Boys :: Heroes & Villains
The Beach Boys :: Their Hearts Were Full of Spring

13 Responses to “The Beach Boys :: Rehearsal Session 1967”

  1. Thanks for the link, didn’t get a chance to DL it last time around,
    I am looking forward to hearing this!

  2. These sound killer! Thanks!

  3. As someone who is only just getting into the beach boys, what would you say would be the best albums to listen to first or just your favourites.
    I so far just have Pet Sounds and Surfin’ Safari/Surfin’ USA. Any advice would be amazing dudes.

  4. I personnaly fell madly in love with the Beach Boys listening to Smiley Smile, which is the record they released after the Smile project sort of collapsed. Though regarded at the time as somewhat of a failure, it holds many incredible songs (such as Heroes & Villains, Good Vibrations, Vegetables, featuring Paul McCartney on carrot chewing), and in a very coherent ensemble.
    You’ll often find it packaged with 1967’s Wild Honey, which is…well, much less of a great record.

  5. @TK – you got Pet Sounds, which is essential, now its just more of a choice of which direction you wanna head first. The earlier stuff (like Surfin Safari) is the ‘clean cut’ beaches, babes and hot rods side of the band, whereas the post-Pet Sounds stuff gets out there in some interesting directions, but is much less Brian Wilson.

    Do you have Endless Summer? The 2 LP best of yet?

  6. Can anybody send me a zip file of the Please Let Me Wonder Sessions?? I really, really need that !! Thanks

  7. thanks for the response guys, wasn’t expecting such helpful stuff. i shall dive into what you recommended, i saw endless summer at my local record store the other day. so i shall have to go try pick that up asap.

  8. The moment I saw the photo, the old times all went back to me. I miss the old times. Does The Beach Boys have any reunion concert or something.

  9. Personal favourite BB LPs: Friends, Sunflower, Surfs Up. My favourite band ever. Bar none.

  10. Tried downloading it three times and it froze my computer every time while extracting the files. Thanks anyway.

  11. THANK YOU for these recordings, they’re great.

    I hate mike love though, what a douchebag, panning the song over the rehearsal version. I can’t believe he helped make such beautiful music and he’s only concerned with making a top forty hit, other than that, it must be crappy music and how dare Brian try to, i don’t know, create something more meaningful than surf boards and girls in bathing suits. I hate listening to that jackass make fun of Brian’s beautiful song.


  13. Actually it was eventually discovered that Brian Wilson himself Wrote the famous mike love heroes and villains rant, in another incidence of his weird sarcastic and self sabotaging humor. If you listen closely to the track you can hear him laughing hysterically in the background after a few choice lines. Thanks for the post I’ve always loved the recordings from this Hawaii chapter..certainly one of the strangest and darkest moments in the beach boys’ history

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