The collective Waits-ian growl has reached near audible levels as fans anticipate the release of October’s Bad As Me. If you haven’t yet, do check out the teaser video that was unveiled last month for the record — It’s pure Waits. So, to help quell your jones, here’s a captured radio broadcast (WXRT) from 1976 of Tom’s performance in Chicago at the Ivanhoe Theater.

Download: Tom Waits :: ┬áIvanhoe Theater 11/21/76 – Radio Broadcast (WXRT) (103mb)

Tom Waits :: Emotional Weather Report (Ivanhoe Theater Nov 21, 1976)
Tom Waits :: Invitation To The Blues (Ivanhoe Theater Nov 21, 1976)
Tom Waits :: Virgina Avenue (Ivanhoe Theater Nov 21, 1976)
Tom Waits :: Jitterbug Boy (Ivanhoe Theater Nov 21, 1976)
Tom Waits :: I Can’t Wait To Get Off Work (Ivanhoe Theater Nov 21, 1976)
Tom Waits :: Fumblin’ With The Blues (Ivanhoe Theater Nov 21, 1976)
Tom Waits :: Pasties And A G-String (Ivanhoe Theater Nov 21, 1976)
Tom Waits :: Small Change (Ivanhoe Theater Nov 21, 1976)
Tom Waits :: Eggs & Sausage (Ivanhoe Theater Nov 21, 1976)
Tom Waits :: The Piano Has Been Drinking (Ivanhoe Theater Nov 21, 1976)
Tom Waits :: Tom Traubert’s Blues (Ivanhoe Theater Nov 21, 1976)


8 Responses to “Tom Waits :: Ivanhoe Theater 11/21/76 – Radio Broadcast (WXRT)”

  1. I was lucky enough to see Tom in concert five or six times between 1975 and 1977 and it was always a truly entertaining experience. Pretty impressive to witness his persona and career evolving through the years. Hard to fathom that he’s maintained his cool decades later.

  2. thanks, AD!

  3. Thanks! Grabbed that last Waits zip you had up a couple months back as well.

  4. thanks for posting this show. i was at the show that tour that came through philly. it remains one of my fave all time concerts.

  5. Wow! Thank you for sharing. It was just last night that I was driving on the interstate listening to ‘Nighthawks At The Diner’ and had the revelation, the same one I’ve had before about that record, regarding how smooth it is. Tom’s performance on that recording to me captures so well his mid-70’s era and persona. The guy that you would do anything to go out drinking with in a divey cigarette-smelling joint in the city and listen to him create magic on a piano, all the while he’s speaking poetry and making you laugh.

    Would’ve loved to had been old enough to understand and acknowledge his special talent in those days.

  6. thank you! please more more more!

  7. I saw Waits on this too & for my money, I still think his 70’s work has only gotten better with time. I first caught him live on that disastrous tour he did opening up for Zappa back in ’72…what a way to break into the biz! Thanks for posting this show!

  8. Has he been botoxed? That’s either awful or excellent.

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