Thursday night Aquarium Drunkard presents AA Bondy at The Bootleg Theater. Couldn’t be more excited for this gig. We’re giving away three pairs to AD readers. Hit up the comments below with your name, email address and fave Bondy and/or Verbena song to enter. Winners notified Wednesday, tickets held at will-call night of show.

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20 Responses to “AD Presents :: AA Bondy at The Bootleg Theater / Thursday”

  1. American Hearts!

  2. I Can See the Pines are Dancing.

  3. Rapture (Sweet Rapture)

  4. I can see the pines are dancing

  5. A Slow Parade.

  6. Black Rain Black Rain!!!

  7. I Can See the Pines are Dancing

  8. Witness Blues.

  9. The Twist / My Baby Got Shot

  10. Pretty Please?

  11. Vice Rag

  12. There’s a Reason

  13. I Can See The Pines Are Dancing

  14. Slow Parade

  15. i can see the pines are dancing!!

  16. AA Bondy is my favorite!

  17. There’s A Reason

  18. “I can see the pines are dancing”

  19. “The Coal Hits the Fire” (Daytrotter Version). Sloowwwwww burn.

  20. he was great, crowd sucked

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