Brother Jack McDuff :: Moon Rappin’

Thanks to an off the cuff mention by our amigo Jeff Weiss last night, I ended up spinning an old favorite, Brother Jack McDuff’s 1969 Blue Note album, Moon Rappin’. A nocturnal soul jazz groover, I was hipped to the LP by a DJ about a decade ago while in the midst of a heavy Hammond B3 binge. If your west coast, try this one out on a stretch of the PCH north of Malibu after midnight.

Bonus points if you can name what track samples “Oblighetto” on Tribe Called Quest’s Low End Theory.

MP3: Brother Jack McDuff :: Moon Rappin’
MP3: Brother Jack McDuff :: Oblighetto

4 thoughts on “Brother Jack McDuff :: Moon Rappin’

  1. Never seen this J. McDuff LP before, sounds real good from what you posted, will have to keep my eyes open for this one!

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