Thanks to an off the cuff mention by our amigo Jeff Weiss last night, I ended up spinning an old favorite, Brother Jack McDuff’s 1969 Blue Note album, Moon Rappin’. A nocturnal soul jazz groover, I was hipped to the LP by a DJ about a decade ago while in the midst of a heavy Hammond B3 binge. If your west coast, try this one out on a stretch of the PCH north of Malibu after midnight.

Bonus points if you can name what track samples “Oblighetto” on Tribe Called Quest’s Low End Theory.

MP3: Brother Jack McDuff :: Moon Rappin’
MP3: Brother Jack McDuff :: Oblighetto

4 Responses to “Brother Jack McDuff :: Moon Rappin’”

  1. Rawr! Rawr! Like a dungeon dragon.

  2. scenario

  3. Yes!!!

  4. Never seen this J. McDuff LP before, sounds real good from what you posted, will have to keep my eyes open for this one!

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