“…That night I met someone who would be very important in my musical education. He was engineering in the studio and cooking burgers in the Dairy Queen. He had a Robert Mitchum hair cut and a slow humorous style…He was one of the coolest people I ever met. He was Packy Axton.” – Jim Dickinson

As endorsements go, I’d say it doesn’t get much more real than the late Jim Dickinson. While I’ve spent a good deal of time in Memphis over the years, the contents of this collection blew me away. The son of Estelle Axton and nephew of Jim Stewart, co-founders of Stax Records, Packy Axton had it.  Late Late Party, compiled by Light In The Attic Records and released in August, rounds up 17 mid-60s R&B nuggets aided and abetted by a host of Memphis greats (Steve Cropper, Booker T, Teenie Hodges). Highly, highly recommended for fans of southern soul and R&B.

MP3: The Packers :: Hole In The Wall

4 Responses to “Charles ‘Packy’ Axton :: Late Late Party 1965-67”

  1. light in the attic continues to impress . . . that’s Packy in front, and Cropper to the right.

    From passing mentions in Stax/southern soul tomes, Packy’s always come across as pretty much a “screw up,” and of course, the whole LAST NIGHT saga is one big mess of shared credit, multiple sessions, counter-claims, etc.

    sounds like he made a lot of good music that’s gotten overlooked. Thanks for the tip!

  2. This sounds sick.

  3. This tune is awesome!

  4. EEe this is the music,great beat


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