Lou Reed :: Halloween Parade

A highlight of Lou Reed’s 1989 album New York, “Halloween Parade” is as evocative as it is chilling. Through a processional cast of characters the track chronicles the decade’s AIDS epidemic and the friends Reed lost to it. Subdued, while the wistful narrative works well enough on its own, it is expertly employed as the glue between the LPs “Romeo Had Juliette” and the Dickensian “Dirty Blvd.”   Trick or treat.

MP3: Lou Reed :: Halloween Parade

6 thoughts on “Lou Reed :: Halloween Parade

  1. Thanks for posting this. Great song from an overall great record. Listening to the album now it’s amazing that “Dirty Blvd” is as relevant now as it was in 1989 – the opening chords always give me a bit of a chill. Same for “Busload of Faith”.

  2. It might just be my media player, but the album is showing art from some other mixtape on this download. “Halloween Hits”? There’s a pinup girl on it next to a playlist. I can’t really find the file on my hard drive to see what else is on this collection. Can anyone help?

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