Brand spankin’ new one from Reigning Sound. “Eve” from their forthcoming mini-album, Abdication.

MP3: Reigning Sound :: Eve

7 Responses to “Reigning Sound :: Abdication”

  1. This might be the most boring song Greg Cartwrighthas ever written. has he been hanging out with Jjm James and Bon Iver?

  2. “Lying Girl” is infinitely better AND NOT BORING!

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  4. @Rinjo Njori
    I guess you haven’t heard his early Reigning Sound stuff (ie Break Up Break Down) – there was a lot of slower, moodier songs. I don’t think this isn’t boring, it’s just different from his more recent stuff.

  5. Greg Cartwright = Man of the Decade.

  6. I dig it!! Everything hes done is awesome! The Oblivians, Compulsive Gamblers, Deadly Snakes, The Tip Tops, On and on and on………. Nothing, I think, has come out bad. Live and album wise.

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