Two months left in the year and I’ve had a mental note to highlight the below track since July. I have McGregor to thank for originally hipping me to this Austin based group a couple of years back, who were (then) known as Pure Ecstasy. The re-christened Pure X is cleaned up, yet no less potent. Culled from their debut long-player, Pleasure, “Twisted Mirror” is reminiscent of everything I love about my old 4AD records crossed with last year’s Lower Dens’ Twin Hand Movement. Strap in for a nocturnal, languid, blur. ┬áTip: Wear headphones.

MP3: Pure X :: Twisted Mirror

3 Responses to “Pure X :: Twisted Mirror”

  1. cool record/better live

  2. digging it, cool.

  3. I am so into this.

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