“I buried Paul”….yada, yada. The lengths of which fans have gone in regard to Paul McCartney’s supposed 1966 death and replacement (Billy Shears, anyone?) have long bordered on the obsessive. Here we have the the most recent entry, The Winged Beatle — an hour long look into the alleged cover-up/conspiracy. Good fun for Macca fans and/or regular Coast To Coast AM listeners.

The documentary, in its entirety, after the jump.


12 Responses to “The Winged Beatle :: The Movie”

  1. straight ridiculousness

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  3. Thanks for this. It’s hilariously cheesy. Especially the “It was a fake moustache” bit over and over. I’m going to be singing that all day now.

  4. I saw it recently! Really nice work, but gave me the feeling it was a little too long.

  5. ha! awesome

  6. Actually really interesting to watch! Thanks!

  7. Read R. Gary Patterson’s “The Walrus Was Paul” years ago. While I still find it hard to fathom that people bought into “the rumor” back then (my father has admitted to following the clues; then again he “partook”), it’s interesting to think that maybe Derek Taylor and the Beatles were THAT brillant enough to plant the seeds they did. Thanks for the post.

  8. Genius. Just remember, kids…

    O.P.D. = Officially Pronounced Dead

  9. thanks for this watch. i just spent over an hour watching with headphones on completely engrossed. i always shrugged off the paul is deal thing as a joke but the movie has kind of made me a believer! it was very well done. now i am looking forward to “the revelation”…

  10. I didn’t realize the Beatles were so good at math.

  11. Get stoned and watch it. It will change your life.

  12. I’ve seen the updated movie. But you know what? You really don’t need it. Trust yourself. Look at the photo above. Look at how thin that man’s face is, how almost creepy looking. I’m not talking about the lighting. Now look up some pre 66 pix of Paul. Notice how cuddly he always looks, no matter how tired, no matter what angle he’s photographed on. ‘
    Then tell me these two men are the same with a straight face.

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