It had been many years, but a couple of weeks back upon (re)hearing the ‘jam’ section, i.e. the latter 3/4, of the Dead’s 1971 live interpretation of Otis Redding’s infallible R&B staple Hard To Handle“, my reaction was something akin to ‘fucckkkk‘ or ‘holy shit!‘ Eloquent? No, but emotion rarely is in my experience. And that’s music for you.

Anyway, speaking of the Dead, I just partnered with Rhino Records — in short I’m going to be contributing weekly to their Spotify project, Rhinofy. It’s been fun — as of right now it’s myself Fred Armisen and Henry Rollins and I believe they will be adding some others. Kicking off, I based my first playlist on the oft-neglected world of the Grateful Dead’s studio output. And yeah, I cheated a little and included Europe ’72, but with all the studio overdubs the band added post-tour I thought it could slide. Also, I nixed the the first four albums from the list as the material was much, much better served in a live format than on any record. But not to worry, I plan on doing a follow-up GD entry concerning strictly live cuts so those tracks will get theirs in due time. Next week’s entry is going to focus on post-post punk — whatever I deem that to mean. Stay tuned.

If you do the whole Spotify thing, go hit up my selections at Rhinofy, here.

MP3: Grateful Dead :: Hard To Handle

18 Responses to “Grateful Dead :: Hard To Handle (Also, AD + Rhinofy)”

  1. well hot damn AD

  2. Well, this is a rather welcome development. Looking forward to Rhinofying.

  3. Well, I am very thankful!

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  5. I dont do the Dead but will keep an eye out for your future installments.

  6. Wow, I thought I was the only dead aficionado that reads this site… Solid choices overall; however, I would add Viola Lee Blues from the original self-titled album. It’s my favorite song on my favorite studio album. Plus, there is always room from some primal dead.

  7. Thank you. Actually downloading spotify for this.

  8. Love this. Love the Dead. I’m a big fan of the 1967 self-titled album (also apparently known as Skull Fuck). Side one with “Bertha” and “Playing In The Band” is absolutely killer.

  9. Love AD but hate the Dead.

  10. Great pick. This Hard to Handle is just unreal. Jerry is on another level all together for seven minutes. I will fight anyone who suggests otherwise.

  11. This is the audience recording of the song (Fall out from the Philzone), the soundboard version came out (for a reason I cannot understand) on a bonus disc with the second ’71 Road Trips release from a few back. As for the first 4 albums, ignoring them is really silly. Their second album (Anthem of the Sun) is a weird studio/live hybrid, AoxomoxoA is unlike anything else I’ve ever heard, and Live Dead is a monster (100%) live album. Annnnd, as JBL says above, the Viola Less Blues on the first album is fantastic, probably the closest they got to capturing what their live magic was all about in the studio.

  12. @JohnOO – thanks for the heads up per the soundboard version — I’d only heard this one from the Phil Zone disc from back in the day. RE: first 4 studio records, I’m not at all saying they are without merit — far from it. I’ve owned them all in a variety of formats, but for the purposes of this Rhino thing, something had to give.

  13. @ Satisfied ’75 No problem, I love the 1st Phil Zone CD, and this song is burnt into my DNA. I wished for a long time that the soundboard of the show, 6/8/71, would pop up someday. I have no idea why they released it as a limited edition bonus track. Anyway, you can easily get a really cool version of the show this comes from, that mixes the soundboard and audience tapes together. The best of both worlds, it sounds fantastic. My comment on the first 4 albums referred to the comment above about the material from the first 4 albums being better served in a live format. Anthem of the Sun is “live” in a lot of places (a lot of the concerts the live sections were drawn from have been released in the Digital Downloads, Dick’s Picks and the Road Trips series), and Live Dead is 100% live, the three Fillmore West concerts that made up the bulk of the album were released in a box set a few years back. To be pedantic, Workingman’s Dead is their third studio album.

  14. this is great news. doctor my eyes, spotify my ears.

  15. I always figured people who don’t like, or “don’t do” or god forbid, HATE the Dead, just haven’t heard the right tune yet.

  16. A friend alerted me to your Rhinofy playlist, and I will say congratulations on that gig. I was impressed by your selection of the studio albums versus going straight for the live stuff, for I am attempting to write a book on the subject. I have to have an immediate appreciation for someone with a taste for the Dead, and I was struck by the fact that there is so much stigma attached to it, which you mention in your post. One fact is, the musical influences for the Dead are so far reaching, and it opens the door for so much other music, as this nod to Otis Redding can attest. And man don’t they just rip it? Sometimes rock ‘n roll means something. Like pornography, you know it when you hear.

  17. Amazing version but, seriously, check out the April 1971 Fillmore run and the version on Ladies and Gentlemen – Grateful Dead – Fillmore East New York April 1971. The interplay around 6:30 on between Jerry and Phil on bass and Bobby pushing along witht he biys on drums is a masterpiece.

  18. I agree Matt, this one is great, I think the one you mention is even a little better!

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