For those of you who use Spotify, the second installment of my partnership with Rhinofy just went live. This week’s playlist is a round-up of twenty tracks that I’ve been working into various DJ sets, radio shows and blog posts of late. It’s loosely centered around old wave, post-punk and their various and sundry sonic descendants. Amongst other players included, think: Mission of Burma, Fugazi, The Fall, JAMC and Gary Numan meets Total Decay, Ty Segall, Pure X and Deerhunter. I even found a way to sneak in Portishead’s sledgehammer outlier “Machine Gun.” Get the playlist here…lots of laughs. xo- AD

6 Responses to “AD + Rhinofy :: Post Punk/Old Wave & Their Sonic Descendants”


  2. just subscribed. thanks

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  4. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  5. Thank you, thank you, and, thank you.

  6. Who is the woman next to Iggy?

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