Turquoise Wisdom’s Fall Downers :: A Mixtape

Our guest DJ series returns this week with the third installment from our compadre  Turquoise Wisdom. Wisdom (Zach Cowie) helped kick off the guest mixtape series in March of last year (our third entry) which is still available for download, here, and Heavy Summer Nights, here. Since we last checked in with ‘Wisdom he’s kept busy handling musical duties for the feature film  Celeste And Jesse Forever  with production partner  Sunny Levine, DJ’ing around town and beyond, and wrapping up a compilation of funk-leaning countrified tunes co-produced with Matt & Patrick of  Light In The Attic Records  (due out on LITA  Spring 2012). Artwork courtesy of Rotter & Friends.

1. Intro by Biggest Crush (with thanks to Conrad Schnitzler and George Clinton)
2. Alice Coltrane – Galaxy In Turiya (excerpt)
3. Tall Dwarfs – More 54
4. Spacemen 3 – Honey
5. Phantom & Hold – Glass Heart (endless thanks to Andy Cabic for the turn-on to this genius 12″!)
6. Brian Eno – St. Elmo’s Fire
7. Frankie Vallie & The Four Seasons – You’re A Song (That I Can’t Sing)
8. Oasis – Caught Away
9. Matthew’s Southern Comfort – Road To Ronderlin
10. Moby Grape – Sitting By The Window
11. The Kinks – No Return
12. John Cale – Andalucia
13. Matching Mole – O Caroline
14. Mellow Candle – Reverend Sisters
15. Cocteau Twins – Watchlar
16. Peter Gabriel – Mother Of Violence
17. Wire – Used To
18. Michael Rother – KM 06
19. Durutti Column – Sketch For Dawn 1
20. Annette Peacock – Sky Skating
21. John Martyn – Run Honey Run
22. sibylle baier – Give Me A Smile
23. Yes – Yesterday And Today
24. La Dusseldorf – Sentimental
25. Bridget St. John – Early Morning Song
26. Roy Harper – Twelve Hours of Sunset

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15 thoughts on “Turquoise Wisdom’s Fall Downers :: A Mixtape

  1. Really enjoy these Turquoise Wisdom mixes, have the previous two and they have turned me onto some good music. Thanks for sharing the link to this one!

  2. thank you for introducing me to sibylle baier. currently getting acquainted with her album “Colour Green”

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