LA Gemstones Compilations :: The Rock Box/Pop Box, 10 Discs

If you liked LA Burnout, you will love these: The LA Gemstones Compilations – Parts One and Two. Comprised of ten discs (total) I caught wind of these two collections last summer with the release of their ‘Rock Box’ comp working backwards to the ‘Pop Box’. Both present an exhaustive overview of the music emanating out of Los Angeles at the time, roughly 1964- 69

As I mentioned in 2010, some of the strongest / most interesting compilations, box sets, what-have-you that I’ve come across over the past few years have been of the fan-made, unofficial, bootleg variety. In that regard LA Gemstones is at the top of the heap.

UPDATE: Looks like a number of the links in the original post are dead, SO please go here to download instead (see comment thread here for the details). – AD

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  1. Does anyone have an active link to the L.A. Gemstones: The Pop Box? It appears the download on the linked page is currently down.

  2. be careful if you visit that site. i almost/possibly did just download a virus trying to follow those links to the set….

  3. Thanks for the heads up, J. I didn’t have any trouble w/ the download links.

    Could you elaborate per what you ran into so other blog readers can plan ahead and avoid? Any details appreciated. – AD

  4. just be careful with Sendspace. Said file not found, but they still left up a “click here to download” which tries to get you to download some sort of installer – stay away from that. If you can’t download direct from sendspace, don’t do it. rookie mistake on my part for even trying..

    love AD though, keep up the fine work.

  5. If anyone comes across direct links please post.

    I Just made the mistake of downloading something called Ilivid which also downloaded a friend called searchqu that made itself my default homepage. I did add/removes to both now I’m just hoping for the best.

    I’m even more obsessed with getting these comps now 🙂

  6. There definitely seems to be something wrong with the original links. I am currently using the above links in the comment section and seems to be working. Thank you.

    This looks like a real labor of love! Cheers to the original compiler. I have the Rhino Nuggets 4-cd box of the 60’s Los Angeles scene released a few years back and its great but this set looks like it took the idea to a whole different level. Really looking forward to digging into this set.
    Thanks again!

  7. Nils – Thanks for verifying that those links are legit! Can’t wait to go home and snatch those up.

    Satisfied ’75 – Thanks for the concern man. I definitely think adding an update with warning and Nils link would be a good idea. I don’t know exactly how malware works but there’s a chance that some people have a common piece of malware on our machines that’s somehow redirecting or exploiting the original links. Again that’s just a theory. Thanks a ton for the post though!

  8. I just went to the forums link that Nils posted, but I’m still
    finding the links broken. How are you other guys finding
    the ability to download–I’m seriously getting bummed out
    here! Please help me find the “key” to unlock these NUGGETS….

  9. The link is still no bueno for me, but since I don’t have the Rhino La Nuggets perhaps I should start there.

  10. Googled “L.A. Gemstones” for the first time in a while to see where this stuff got noticed. I’ll leave it to Jason Penick to spread THE ROCK BOX, I didn’t have much of a hand in that set. Here’s a re-up of THE POP BOX, distribute as you see fit:

    DISC 1:
    DISC 2:
    DISC 3:
    DISC 4:
    DISC 5:

  11. anyone know where i can find these 10 cds? multiupload is dead, sendspace links are dead (and by the way, anyone who clicked on the ads, well, use your head, of course you’re going to start getting crap). . . any updates as to where these are found would be greatly appreciated (especially via mediafire or a file hoster that actually WORKS these days)

  12. Anyone have active links for the Pop Box. I have been looking everywhere for this wonderful set,

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