Coeur Magique :: Mademoiselle Marie (1971)

Culled from the BYG vaults, I’ve had Coeur Magique’s slice of French psychedelia, “Mademoiselle Marie,” on deck for awhile now slated for an upcoming DJ set. Track two off the groups 1971 LP, Wakan Tanka, the track exemplifies the substrain of heavy, guitar-driven, underground French psych blasting off at the time (see also: William Sheller’s “Exitissimo”).

MP3: Coeur Magique :: Mademoiselle Marie

2 thoughts on “Coeur Magique :: Mademoiselle Marie (1971)

  1. This song is obviously great. Being from Quebec though…I feel scarred from all the French radio rock. So my first instinct is to recoil when I hear the singing…despite the awesome start. Wish I wasn’t so conditioned 🙁

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