As promised, more sixties girl-group stuff. If you keep up with this sort of thing (we do), you’ll remember The Girls were rescued from collector obscurity awhile back via the mutli-volume Girls In The Garage series – and then later on the similar themed, higher profile, ACE Records compilation Girls With Guitars (the ladies visage even made the cover of that collection). Penned by Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil, the Los Angeles quartet’s “Chico’s Girl” lyrically finds itself in typical girl-group territory (he’s my guy, don’t mess around) but with an added air of danger. It’s rawer, more garage.

Upping the ante atmospherically, the as of yet unreleased Chrystals take on the song, produced by Phil Spector, further amplifies the foreboding tone (see video). Tonally, the track is almost remorseful…as if something off-screen has “happened.” Really interesting decision on Spector’s part.

MP3: The Girls :: Chico’s Girl

2 Responses to “The Girls / The Crystals :: Chico’s Girl”

  1. spooky sheeit

  2. Crystals version full of atmosphere, picture [in black and white] a rainy New York st,,Barbra Alston walking followed at distance by the rest of the girls,,Police cars and flashing lights at the end of the she tells the story of Chico….

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