Sip on this narcoleptic soul brew – Junior Parker’s psychedelic molasses rendition of the Beatles “Tomorrow Never Knows.” One of three Beatles covers found on his 1971 LP, Love ain’t Nothin’ But A Business GoinOn, Parker died of a brain tumor the year of its release just shy of his fortieth birthday.

Junior Parker :: Tomorrow Never Knows

6 Responses to “Junior Parker :: Tomorrow Never Knows”

  1. ahhhh yeahhh

  2. More of this, pls!

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  4. I’ve loved this track ever since I first heard it on the Children of Men soundtrack. Great to see it up here.

  5. What an amazing cover! Definitely going to be purchasing some of his music. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  6. I love the laid back restraint of this cover – brilliant! On repeat for a while tonight.

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