Ponderosa Twins Plus One :: Bound

Threw this track on a mix for a friend over the holidays: Ponderosa Twins Plus One. A five-piece consisting of two sets of identical twins plus a  friend from the neighborhood, this Cleveland outfit was one of several groups positioned in the 70s as ‘the next Jackson 5‘. And while that obviously didn’t happen, they did leave behind a handful of super-cool singles, including “Bound.” I was first hipped to these kids via DJ Matthew Africa’s Twee Funk Mix, a stellar set of kid-soul that preceded the equally excellent, similarly themed, Numero Group compilation Home Schooled. Both sets, I might add, are well worth seeking out.

MP3: Ponderosa Twins Plus One :: Bound

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  1. my brother used to play keyboards for them. i was madly in love with kirk gardner or was it keith?!!

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