Ike & Tina Turner :: Nutbush City Limits

I came across today’s Videodrome entry last month while digging around in search of an Ike & The Rhythm Kings performance I’d previously stumbled upon (late) one night. I never did find the Ike clip, but this “live performance” did more than suffice. And yes, do note the quotes surrounding the words ‘live’ and ‘performance’. While I haven’t found the provenance of this clip (if you know, please comment), I’m assuming it’s a television talk show promo the pair did, circa 1973, upon the release of Nutbush City Limits – Tina’s final LP with Ike before splitting (re: that – have you read I, Tina? Powerful shit.) Like the majority of Tina footage from the late 60s and early 70s, there is no argument that in terms of sheer personality she was the female James Brown when it came to owning a stage.

And while we’re on the subject, I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the long-debated contribution of Marc Bolan’s guitar-work on the “Nutbush City Limits” session. A T-Rex freak, I had always assumed his playing on the tune was gospel until five or so years ago when I came across some contrarian accounts online. Sounds distinctly like Bolan to me.

The wiki take on it: “…Gloria Jones, his girlfriend at the time–who herself provided backing vocals for Ike & Tina Turner in the 1960s–stated definitely that this was the case in the 2007 BBC4 documentary Marc Bolan: The Final Word. Considering that Bolan toured the US extensively and resided in the Los Angeles area during the mid-70s, and that he is also acknowledged to have contributed to Ike & Tina Turner’s 1974 singles “Baby–Get It On” and “Sexy Ida“, Jones’ claim likely has some truth to it, especially as the guitar sound on “Nutbush City Limits” closely resembles Bolan’s style.”

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  1. I noticed a sign in the background that said “Musik Laden”. I saw that once before on another video that I can no longer recall, so I goggled it. Turns out it’s a German music show that ran from 1972-1986. Wikipedia (now back from SOPA protest) includes a playlist from the show, listing that song for 5/12/73. There is a link to a bunch of music videos from that show: http://www.metacafe.com/topics/musikladen/

  2. Germany had some really good music shows in the 60-70s like MusikLaden, Rockpalast and The Beat Club. All the big international acts played on these shows, and what I like most is that the sound is always great! Today there is DVDs for sale with the best from these music shows (check eBay). My fave Ike & Tina Tuner live clip is from The Beat Club (21.02.1971) where they perform River Deep, Mountain High: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VN_Aq2W2Yi0

  3. When I got this album to review back in ’73 it never occurred to me that there actually was a place called Nutbush (TN). Nor did we have the Wikipedia in those days to easily check such stuff out. A ‘live’ performance indeed – although, as the Wiki entry on this record notes, “Nutbush does not actually have ‘city limits,’ but it does have a ‘Nutbush–Unincorporated’ sign on the highway.”)

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