How’s your French? I watched this twice last night before going out — 1969 footage from a French documentary on the Stax and Muscle Shoals sound. The description bills its 11 minutes as featuring “Brook Benton & Booker T. & The MGs recording session…and The The Mar-keys working out a horn arrangement” but what your really seeing is a rare view into one of the most fertile eras of 20th century American music. Hat tip to Scottie Diablo for the tip and Bedazzled for the upload.

9 Responses to “Le Blues De Memphis :: Behind The Scenes STAX & FAME, 1969”

  1. day-um

  2. Sweet!

  3. Wonderful; what a tight band playing “Time is Tight.” And how interesting to see Isaac Hayes as part of a horn section. There can’t have been many places in Tennessee 40+ years ago where blacks and whites interacted so easily, and with such good results.

  4. epic. so precious and sweet. thank you!

  5. Thats Issac Hayes playing the the Sax BTW!

  6. wonderful wish i had been there

  7. That was spectacular. Makes me want to get in my car and go to Memphis!

  8. That’s amazing, just look at them recording vocals and horns without headphones. Such natural interplay. I simultaneously feel awesome and completely inadequate.

  9. What are the other songs in this video?

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