Le Blues De Memphis :: Behind The Scenes STAX & FAME, 1969

How’s your French? I watched this twice last night before going out — 1969 footage from a French documentary on the Stax and Muscle Shoals sound. The description bills its 11 minutes as featuring “Brook Benton & Booker T. & The MGs recording session…and The The Mar-keys working out a horn arrangement” but what your really seeing is a rare view into one of the most fertile eras of 20th century American music. Hat tip to Scottie Diablo for the tip and Bedazzled for the upload.

9 thoughts on “Le Blues De Memphis :: Behind The Scenes STAX & FAME, 1969

  1. Wonderful; what a tight band playing “Time is Tight.” And how interesting to see Isaac Hayes as part of a horn section. There can’t have been many places in Tennessee 40+ years ago where blacks and whites interacted so easily, and with such good results.

  2. That’s amazing, just look at them recording vocals and horns without headphones. Such natural interplay. I simultaneously feel awesome and completely inadequate.

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