RE: Dan Bejar. The latest Mojo compilation to hit newsstands is a disc comprised of reinterpretations of New Order’s second LP, 1983’s Power, Corruption & Lies. The covers range from the fairly catholic to wholly re-imagined versions, with the key takeaway being Destroyer’s take on the original album’s eighth and final track, “Leave Me Alone.”

MP3: Destroyer :: Leave Me Alone (New Order)

5 Responses to “Destroyer :: Leave Me Alone (New Order)”

  1. fan of both and Bejar nails it here.

  2. Also check out Joe Pernice’s cover of “Leave Me Alone” on the Chappaquiddick Skyline album.

  3. This really reminds me of Ceremony, by New Order (or some would argue Joy Division, whatever). Really, a lot. Which is a good thing.

  4. When I got PC&L back in the day it seemed like a set of demos to me, the band still finding their feet. With every play it became more fully formed though, to the point where it’s actually irreplaceable.

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