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This shit is intense. My friend Ryan happened upon Sandy Nassan’s Just Guitar while digging at Folk Arts Records in San Diego a few weeks back. Released in 1970, the opening track, “Jam,” is just that. Clocking it at over 16 minutes, Ryan described it as: “being drawn into the most tense moment of the most suspenseful movie you’ve ever seen – it’s like Sandy Bull on steroids and it doesn’t let up. It’s not easy music, but it’s genuine expression. You know it the first time the guitar rests and Nassan lets loose that sigh in the empty space – he’s really going for it, he’s chasing something. This isn’t jazz – there’s no real melody to restate, no trading bars – it’s just one dude in conversation with some other unseen person/place/power for about 17 minutes, and it’s absolutely jaw-dropping.” Indeed.

MP3: Sandy Nassan :: Jam

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  1. another winner! definitely intense, looks like the LP goes for about 20$, not bad at all. gonna have to track one down. thank you AD!

  2. Thanks for this uplifting jam! Usually not my cup of tea but I must say I truly enjoyed this oddity.

    I even enjoyed it as much as I took the time out to re-post the mp3-link on our collective Swedish jazz/ Spisa (, with full credits and links to your ever intriguing site of course!

  3. I had the pleasure of seeing Sandy Nassan perform twice in 1973 or 74 at Eau Claire’s “Cabin” at UW-EC. He was stunning in his mastery of the guitar and very personable to speak with. Obviously it was a memorable performance. I still think of him from time to time 40 years later! He quit performing on a regular basis as I understand it sometime in the mid to late 70s but still turns up once in awhile. We are all the poorer for missing what might have been a celebrated musical career – but I guess he followed his own course. Good for him. Glad I heard him play.

  4. Are you the guy that produced a record for Brenda Woodrum many moons ago. She is my cousin and I am trying to get in contact.

  5. I spoke with Sandy (now Sander) last weekend.
    Indeed, Sandy produced Brenda’s album. Email me & I’ll pass your info on to him.
    In 1970 I was introduced to Sandy by a UC Music Professor at Cincy’s Family Owl Cafe.
    Having once thought I could play a little guitar myself, after hearing (& SEEING) Sandy live,
    I was ready to cut my hands off at the wrist. Never again did I try seriously to play.
    Ultimately, we became friends & in 1975 he played at my wedding.
    Thru the early 80’s I booked college & other concert dates for him.
    Over the summer & fall of 1977, I was honored to produce a limited edition, direct to disc album at Cleveland Recording & at New York’s Media Sound for Family Owl Records, simply titled ‘Sandy Nassan’. Being direct to disc recordings, each side is 1 uninterrupted take with no effects or edits, just one man, alone with his guitar.
    I recently found that someone’s offering a copy on Amazon for $44.95.
    Sandy continues to play for friends, family & fans like me, blessed with the opportunity to watch him “make love” with his guitar. It’s truly a unique experience, best enjoyed live.
    Fans of Doyle Dykes, Tuck Andress, Tommy Emanuel… will quickly realize how much influence Sandy’s style had on others.
    Truly, he played “New Age” music before it was invented.

  6. I presented Sandy twice at U of Montana in late 70’s and have been recently rummaging around my memories and it re-kindled my very fond memories of the man and his music, truly one of the most memorable artists I’ve had the honor of experiencing. I would love to acquire access to more recordings, especially since my “Just Guitar” is now in long-term storage till I retire from the Foreign Service in another 7 years. Any information will be appreciated!

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