White Hinterland :: Requiem pour un Con (Serge Gainsbourg)

Serge Gainsbourg cut “Requiem pour un Con” in 1968 for Jean Gabin’s film Le Pacha (see clip below). Forty years later Casey Dienel, under the nom de tune, White Hinterland, released the Francophone, six song, Luniculaire ep. I’ve been revisiting the collection for the first time since its release – specifically Hinterland’s take on “Requiem.” In place of the studied cool of the Gainsbourg original, the band employs a damaged, almost junkyard rendering a la Tom Waits.

MP3: White Hinterland ::  Requiem pour un Con (Serge Gainsbourg)

4 thoughts on “White Hinterland :: Requiem pour un Con (Serge Gainsbourg)

  1. Thanks for the reminder per this EP. Whole thing is exceptional, as is the previous LP they did.

  2. Sweet, was just thinking about this clip and couldn’t remember the name. Thanks for the refresher!

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