As I mentioned earlier in the month, the Dirty Three have a new LP dropping in February. My copy has been on repeat, but revisiting the Melbourne trio’s last output – 2005’s Cinder – I was reminded how I used to imagine what the album’s cornerstone track, “Great Waves,” would sound like with Will Oldham handling the vocals in place of Chan Marshall (yes, I think about this sort of thing). Aesthetically the fit seems perfect.

MP3: The Dirty Three w/ Chan Marshall :: Great Waves

7 Responses to “The Dirty Three w/ Chan Marshall :: Great Waves”

  1. That would be a truly excellent cover.

  2. This post inspired me to play Handsome Boy Modeling School’s “I’ve Been Thinking” with Cat Power on vocals on my show this week. That song is just killer.

  3. That was very nice, soothing.

  4. great ! its inspiring things. thanks !

  5. Will’s western music, get on jolly and get the fuck on jolly feature dirty three members so this isn’t too big a pipe dream.

  6. @burp – yup, was thinking the exact thing.

  7. How is the dirty 3’s new album. Looking forward to it myself. I imagine they will start to get the real blog love now.

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