9 thoughts on “Cass McCombs :: I Went To The Hospital

  1. Love this record. Still the best thing he’s ever done in my opinion. Blue-eyed soul for indie-rockers.

  2. Great stuff! Just saw him live for the first time this past weekend and it was a lovely show. You’re always ahead of the curve, AD!

  3. Never heard of this guy – in fact, till I got down to the comments, I thought ‘he’ was a ‘she’ – and this isn’t my kind of music, but I love these songs. In an weird way, they reminded me of Hasil Adkins (who I haven’t thought about in years).

  4. I can’t believe you just posted about these two tracks! I’ve been obsessing over them for the last two weeks! What a very bizarre coincidence. They’re by far my favorite songs of his. Good taste, as usual, AD!

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