Looped a capella track (reportedly) culled from a 1968 studio session known in fan circles as “Unknown Harmony.” I copped this five or so years ago via the fan-made compilation You’re Welcome: A Beach Boys Sequel to SMiLE. From what I gather, the source material is thought to be clipped from the isolated vocal track of the Beach Boys “Break Away.”

MP3: The Beach Boys :: Unknown Harmony

4 Responses to “Beach Boys :: Unknown Harmony – 1968, A Capella”

  1. yo i sample this on my mixtape…king necro presents…macronesia: the mixtape…im releasing it this week…imma send it to you!

  2. Could you post the compilation online? I’ve been looking for it and can;t find it anywhere.

  3. total ripoff of panda bear

  4. Yep, that’s the fade out of Breakaway. Panda Bear wishes he could sound this amazing. I’d also like to know where to find that Smile sequel comp.

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