A bunch of us drove from L.A. to Long Beach last month for night two of Reigning Sound‘s two night run at Alex’s Bar. To say it was exactly the kind of sonic punch in gut we were looking for would be an understatement. I’ve since beenĀ  revisitingĀ  Dangerous Game – the Reigning Sound-backed Mary Weiss album that Norton Records released in 2007. Weiss’s first record in decadesĀ  (Shangri-Las related or otherwise) Dangerous Game‘s sound is derived from producers Greg Cartwright (Reigning Sound) and Billy Miller. In terms of sheer tone the album harkens back to the Shangri-Las‘ Shadow Morton produced material – the same guy that went on to produce the second NY Dolls LP. Dig in.

MP3: Mary Weiss :: Don’t Come Back

2 Responses to “Mary Weiss & Reigning Sound :: Don’t Come Back”

  1. My goodness!— Can’t thank you enough for this!….

  2. I felt this track was much better before the floor tom was removed (without our knowledge) from the mix. the song stands up, sadly the bitterness remains-LW

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