Arthur Verocai :: Sylvia

Like Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa and Caetano Veloso before him, Arthur Verocai and his auspicious 1972 debut transcend borders, time and genre. An album full of ‘moments’ – “Na Boca Do Sol” and “Caboclo” immediately come to mind – it’s “Sylvia” I have lined up for an upcoming project. In terms of sonic balance the track is masterful. Cascading,  “Sylvia” deftly incorporates folk, jazz and ornate orchestration into its three minute frame. And in doing so it takes the listener along with it.

MP3: Arthur Verocai :: Sylvia

3 thoughts on “Arthur Verocai :: Sylvia

  1. this entire record is an experience and Sylvia is one of my favorite highlights as well. there was something in the water down there.

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