Bodies of Water :: Twist Again / Open Rhythms

Last June Bodies of Water quietly self-released Twist Again – their most mature and, at times,  subdued album to date. Autumnal in both tone and presence, the set was the first release following the exit of founding members Kyle Gladden and Jessie Conklin, leaving husband and wife David and Meredith Metcalf to their own devices. This reconfiguration of Bodies of Water’ internal chemistry streamlined their sound and in turn freed it from the very ‘of the moment’ anthemic sonics of their 2007 debut, Ears Will Pop & Eyes Will Blink, and its immediate follow-up. This is a good thing. While there is nothing wrong with being a part of a zeitgeist, Twist Again, compared to its predecessors, immediately gives the impression of staying power. While the album seamlessly incorporates all manner of influences, its twelve songs largely, and thankfully, feel devoid any hyper-specific time or place.

Recorded at their home studio in Los Angeles, Twist Again’s fourth track, “Open Rhythms,” rolls out languid and slow. Textured and haunting, Meredith’s vocals are cool – not icy, inhabiting a space similar to that of Christine McVie at her most reserved. Gone is the early bombast of the past decade, and in it’s place – nuance.

MP3: Bodies of Water :: Open Rhythms

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