Languid, repetitive and hypnotic, I heard this somewhere in the neighborhood of 2:30 am last week via Gilles Peterson’s show on BBC Radio 1. I had just been listening to a pair of Dr. John’s early Nightripper albums, back to back, and the atmospherics of “Foggy Dew” fell right in line. Not unlike Gris Gris and Sun, Moon & Herbs, the track feels swampy and gothic – more Louisiana than London, UK.

An instrumental interpretation of a Suffolk folk song, “Foggy Dew” is culled from Under an East Coast Moon, Two Banks of Four’s upcoming LP – a record self-described as consisting of “psychogeographical musings on the eastern horn of the UK.”

MP3: Two Banks of Four :: Foggy Dew

5 Responses to “Two Banks of Four :: Foggy Dew”

  1. havent heard much from them in awhile. liking this.

  2. I heard this on his show too, thanks for digging it up!

  3. very cool

  4. Woah, big thanks for the tip on this! Really into it.

    An aside: have you heard that the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach produced Dr. John’s forthcoming album? I didn’t think much of the one track I heard, but the album cover is smokin’.

  5. Molt bó.

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