Mazzy Star :: Black Session (La Maison de la Radio: Paris, France)

October 1993 – La Maison de la Radio. Mazzy Star, two weeks into touring behind their second album, So Tonight That I Might See, record a Black Session at studio 105 in Paris.

Download: Mazzy Star :: Black Session – La Maison de la Radio

01 Mary Of Silence
02 Ghost Highway
03 She Hangs Brightly
04 Bell’s Ring
05 Nalah
06 Blue Light
07 Ride It On
08 Into Dust
09 Give You My Lovin’
10 Blue Flower
11 So Tonight That I Might See
12 Wasted
13 Rock Section

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18 thoughts on “Mazzy Star :: Black Session (La Maison de la Radio: Paris, France)

  1. i dreamt of finding an out-of-print mazzy star record in a used bin last night. get out of my head, AD!

  2. Have this on in the background as I’m doing my homework. It’s a shame I had only known Fade Into You prior to this. Cheers

  3. Wow, Mazzy Star and a Black Session…you couldn’t find a better fit. This knocks the Cat Power Black Session down a notch in my book.

  4. wow, havent listened to these guys in years. thank you! now i realize that this is exactly what i’ve wanted to listen to lately. I second Mark above — it’s perfect thesis-writing music.

  5. Great ! If you find more ‘Black Sessions’ please post them, it’s seems like Radio France never wanted to release them properly.

  6. Great! Thank you from a die hard Mazzy Fan! Slight correction: Track 11 is listed as “Wasted”, but it’s actually “Hair and Skin”. Hair and Skin is actually a somewhat rarer track than Wasted, and especially cool to hear live at the link. Thanks again!

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