I wrote about this 7″ a few years back – UK artist Kindness taking on the mats’ “Swinging Party.” Completely reinvented, the track ditches its original lounge vibe and comes off like a lost David Byrne cover. Full-length debut, World, You Need a Change of Mind, is out later this month.

MP3: Kindness :: Swinging Party

5 Responses to “Kindness :: Swinging Party”

  1. Heard this on your radio show this morning. Thanks.

  2. ummmmmm, for lack of better descriptions : “LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE!!!!” #justsaying

  3. Love it! Who could write, who could sing like Westerners anyway, so the altishness of this cover works.

  4. WHAT!

    This is delicious sacrilege! It’s impossible to scale the ‘Mats mountain, and I wish more people tried to go around it.

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