John Coltrane’s favorite vocalist, Andy Bey made his nameĀ in the 60s and 70s honing his chops with the likes of Gary Bartz and Horace Silver. Tall company. Bey’s 1998 album, Shades of Bey, is comprised of interpretive covers including a dark reading of Nick Drake’s “River Man.” A baritone, the vocal nuance Bey injects into the Drake original smolders. A slow burn, in Bey’s hands “River Man” stays true to the original arrangement and instrumentation, yet implies a sort of seasoned gravitas.

MP3: Andy Bey :: River Man

4 Responses to “Andy Bey :: River Man (Nick Drake)”

  1. Bey is great. Thanks for this.

  2. Chills, baby. Chills.

  3. I’m actively hunting down Andy Bey’s albums as I type. I want to thank you for a new obsession.

  4. Across the pond about a decade ago there lived a DJ named Gilles Peterson who used this track in one of his (always) killer compilations/mixes. It’s as good today as it was then. Truly a great cover version of an amazingly beautiful song.

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