If you hit up our party in Austin last Thursday you likely noted the man spinning records between sets: Ryan Wilson, aka DJ Sir Pall McCartney. Every 30 minutes for seven hours he cued up the good shit. This one was a personal favorite, Neal Creque’s feel-good “Whatcha Wanna Do, Do It,” off 1973’s Sextet & The Hand of Time. Go ahead. Do it.

MP3: Neal Creque :: Whatcha Wanna Do Do It

7 Responses to “Neal Creque :: Whatcha Wanna Do, Do It”

  1. keeps gettin better.

  2. I hate when people use someone else’s name to make their own celebrity. Gee, how funny. “Pall McCartney.” Ha ha. And I hate when people pick on McCartney. He’s taken enough shit for 40 years — some of it deservedly, most of it unfairly. Leave the guy alone and make your own name.

  3. sounds cool where do i hear more of DJ Sir Pall McCartney?

  4. hey steve, calm down. do you need a hug?

  5. hey ‘steve’ your comment entries here are noted by your IP Address. so no need to create various usernames to leave your comments. your full name, address and ISP provider are all listed.

  6. This song is some hotness!

  7. Gotta find this record! ooh wee!

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