I had planned focusing on the ongoing Fugazi live archives for this week’s Spotify entry. Turns out those are not yet available, so I switched gears and carved out twenty favorites culled from the band’s seven studio albums and Instrument soundtrack. There are very few bands/artists I’ve had this kind of longevity with. The playlist is set up sonically/aesthetically vs. chronologically and I recommend taking it in as such.

Spotify: Fugazi :: 20 Songs

7 Responses to “Fugazi: 20 Songs (Spotify)”

  1. gonna let this.

  2. nice work. tough to get just 20.

  3. […] an hour and a half long doc on Jimi Hendrix, for your enjoyment; A Fugazi playlist, courtesy Aquarium […]

  4. Good day gents!
    Is it possible that you update this post with the song selection. The Spotify/Rhino list is no longer active/available. That was a strong selection of songs!

    Many thanks!

  5. Hey there, try this link: http://open.spotify.com/user/aquariumdrunkard/playlist/72QUJr1yxNZhZumnCW4PMK

  6. Thanks for sharing!! Greatly appreciated!!

  7. Having mentioned the Fugazi live series, feel free to check out my project related to the archive. I trust you will find something of interest here: http://www.anothersievefistedfind.tumblr.com

    Much obliged, gunter

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