Nora Dean :: Angie La La (Ay Ay Ay)

The hoodoo is just dripping off this one — gris gris psychedelia, circa 1969. In terms of pure vibe, Dr. Kanaga has nothing on this. Product of Jamaica, Nora Dean’s “Angie   La La (Ay Ay Ay)” defies easy genre categorization existing in an  Obeah netherworld. File under: Jamaican psych.

MP3: Nora Dean :: Angie La La (Ay Ay Ay)

10 thoughts on “Nora Dean :: Angie La La (Ay Ay Ay)

  1. Go check out the Cielo NYC podcasts, Alex from Tokio! You’ll hear a house rendition of this piece. A true genius!

  2. The programme “Dub Kali Rootz” on a radio station out of Freiburg, Germany has been playing this monumental track for years as an anthem more than a jingle!

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