Nolan Porter :: If I Could Only Be Sure (Single Version)

I originally caught wind of  Nolan Porter’s “If I Could Only Be Sure” via the cover that kicks off  Paul Weller’s 2004 album, Studio 150. This, the single version, was released as a 7″ on ABC Records in 1972. Cut in Los Angeles, the track boasts some tall session players: former members of Zappa’s Mothers Of Invention Roy Estrada (bass), Jimmy Carl Black (drums), and Lowell George (guitar). As such the vibe plays it cool, like a less keyed up Curtis Mayfield.

MP3: Nolan Porter :: If I Could Only Be Sure

6 thoughts on “Nolan Porter :: If I Could Only Be Sure (Single Version)

  1. Nice. I’d completely forgotten about this song, and I’ve also first heard it from the Paul Weller album. I guess I figured it was so mediocre I never bothered tracking down the original. However, this is a great, great song.

  2. MASSIVE tune on Northern Soul scene in UK as is Keepin on Keepin On which is the other serious MONSTER cut from Nolan – perhaps even better than this one – album isn’t as good sadly…

  3. Keep On Keepin On is well worth hearing – Joy Division nicked the riff for Interzone after they’d been asked to cover the song for RCA by northern soul DJ Richard Searling.
    I’d recommend his two albums – Nolan and No Apologies – which are available on iTunes and Amazon MP3 downloads with lots of bonus cuts. Just don’t go expecting lots more northern floorfillers…

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