Lantern :: Burned Youth (Cassette)

Alright, enough of the pretty. Switching gears, this has been scratching that Royal Trux itch of late – say, if paired with Spacemen 3’s Forged Prescriptions and the Velvet Underground’s ’67 Gymnasium bootleg. The three tracks below hail from the reissue of the Philadelphia based Lantern’s second cassette release, Burned Youth. The release gathers up highlights culled from the band’s material circa 2009-2011. Let this wash you clean.

MP3: Lantern :: Bleed Me Dry
MP3: Lantern :: The Healing Force
Lantern :: Alap/Emily

9 thoughts on “Lantern :: Burned Youth (Cassette)

  1. Good call on the Spaceman 3 tip — a reference point I was searching for, but couldn’t quite place, with these guys. Been loving this joint.

  2. Love this gang! Their 7″ on Mammoth Cave (a Canadian label consistently hitting it out of the park) has stayed near my turntable since its release.

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