The Dream Syndicate :: When You Smile (Down There EP Version)

Friday night, sparked by a conversation discussing LA music over the past few decades, a friend mentioned the Rain Parade – which of course ultimately led to the Paisley Underground. Prior to my setting up camp in Los Angeles ten years ago I was only scantly familiar with Rain Parade and the host of other mid-late 80s bands that made up the Paisley Underground’s cohesive whole. As collective music scenes go – working backwards, detached by 15 years – it was a worthwhile education. Out the twelve or so bands loosely affiliated, it’s The Dream Syndicate that I’ve repeatedly revisited time and again. Named after an early sixties ensemble that featured John Cale, the Dream Syndicate were indeed awash in a Velvets haze, yet decidedly west coast in their execution and homages to late 60s coast and canyon psychedelia.

Here’s a favorite,”When You Smile” – the Down There ep version found on the 2001 reissue of Days of Wine And Roses. In contrast to the album version, this one’s a little bit dirtier around the edges, all loose seams and stitches.

The Dream Syndicate :: When You Smile (Down There EP)

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  1. Yeah, the last Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3 record was pretty excellent. He is still pretty amazing. Fun to check out is The Day Before Wine and Roses, a live set recorded from a radio broadcast done right before they started the recording of their debut LP. They were absolutely incendiary live and that record catches them at the height of something truly amazing.

  2. Loved this band, especially the original lineup with karl and kendra. They were especially great live. I have tried, but i can’t get into anything Steve Wynn has done since.

  3. As others have stated, a criminally underrated band. Am fortunate to have witness numerous phenomenal live performances. The best of the “Paisley Underground” bands (a descriptor I loathed at the time and still detest).

    Those folks who’ve not been inspired by Steve Wynn’s post-Dream Syndicate material, I urge you to give it a second whirl. Lots of great stuff in there and the live performances still catch fire.

  4. wow this was just too damn good, whats some good Steve Wynn stuff to start off at?

  5. That album was a real eyeopener for me. It opened doors to loads of other stuff. That pure clean ‘n dirty guitar sound has always remained as a standard.
    I remember them playing in ’83 or ’84 on this Pandora music box festival in Rotterdam(Netherlands) where the guitarplayer (must have been Karl Precoda) broke the neck of his guitar, just because he was playing so violently vicious on it.

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