Mor Thiam :: Ayo Ayo Nene

Next month sees the stateside release of volume two of Jazzman Records’ Spritual Jazz series. Like volume one, the set once again highlights  under-appreciated ‘esoteric, modal and deep jazz’ – only here the sole emphasis is on Europe. We’ll dig in deeper in May, but today I want to re-introduce a tune I caught wind of via the series first volume: Senegalese drummer and bandleader,  Mor Thiam’sAyo Ayo Nene.” Cut in 1973, originally found on Thiam’s Drums of Fire record, I cannot possibly spit enough hyperbolic praise here to do the track justice. Just press play, rinse and repeat. Oh yeah, Thiam is Akon’s pops.

MP3: Mor Thiam :: Ayo Ayo Nene

11 thoughts on “Mor Thiam :: Ayo Ayo Nene

  1. I’m with you too. This song is great. But what is that high pitched squeak at odd intervals?

  2. @Raurri – that surface noise seems to be on all existing copies, including both the Now/Again and Jazzman comps (I’ve checked numerous). Original wax is next to impossible to find, so dunno bout that.

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