Scott Walker :: On Your Own Again

There are so many facets to Scott Walker’s public persona that it’s difficult to mention his music without delving into a lengthy aside. It’s not just that his career has spanned more than four decades, or that he’s had success both within a group and solo, it’s that his work truly spans the creative spectrum – ranging from radio friendly pop music (The Walker Brothers) to the dark, dissonant and grating compositions of The Drift. Walker traversed this gulf – indulging many stylistic layovers along the way – succeeding at nearly every turn. His 1969 LP, Scott 4, was no exception.

I’ve been listening to a couple of Sinatra’s super-down-and-out records over the past week. Crooners on the brain, I was reminded of  “On Your Own Again. Clocking in at a brief one minute and forty five seconds, I’m always amazed at how much depth and resonance Walker works into the track’s limited frame. The vocals, pacing and phrasing, coupled with the tonal drop and just-right orchestration deceptively give the track the feeling of an almost mini-suite. Almost, in that it leaves you wanting more.

MP3: Scott Walker :: On Your Own Again

8 thoughts on “Scott Walker :: On Your Own Again

  1. May I just chime in and say that The Drift is one of the most fascinating, bizarre and troubling records I’ve ever heard and it still gives me weird chills.

  2. The Drift is amazing, but so is Tilt. Your Sinatra down and out records – No One Cares, Where are You?, She Shot Me Down, All Alone? (these are among his best in my opinion and all arranged by Gordon Jenkins).

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