Speaking of Jazzman Records, here’s one you have the label to thank for re-discovering. Though reportedly slated for an 1971 LP release, Kathleen Emery’s sole output consists of two songs; notably her re-imagination of the public-domain spiritual “Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child“. Originally released in 1970 on 7” vinyl via LOVE Records, Jazzman re-released the wax in 1998 – it’s been out of print ever since (though it was later made available on CD through the label’s early seven-inch sampler, whatiswrongwithgroovin‘).

In terms of Emery’s take, forget the other 30+ versions you’ve heard…this one blasts off into a funky netherworld from the opening bass intro. Orchestrated strings, brass stingers, fuzz guitar and a super-funky backbeat all coalesce over Emery’s tuff mama vocals. I’ve recently been mixing this into Susan Christie’s Paint A Lady,” itself another unlikely wallop of nasty psychedelic funk.

MP3: Kathleen Emery :: Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child

6 Responses to “Kathleen Emery :: Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child”

  1. this shit is fonky

  2. You’re killing it, dude.

    You ever hear this one:


  3. thisizdirty

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  5. Aha! This is the version Tom Jones/Portishead ripped off.

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