Some more runoff from the headspace I’m currently in working on an upcoming radio set. I mentioned yesterday that I’ve been mixing Susan Christie’s “Paint A Lady” with Kathleen Emery’s “I Feel Like A Motherless Child”. A lady psych-funk trifecta, here is the third slice of that work in progress – the seven and half minute jazz-soul exploration that is Joy Of Cooking’s “Did You Go Downtown?“. Circa 1971, the track works itself into a propulsive groove riffing on Toni Brown and Ruby Green’s call and response vocals. Sliding into a kalimba solo (yup, thumb piano, y’all), “Downtown” ultimately culminates in an inspired two and half minute vocal scat.

MP3: Joy Of Cooking :: Did You Go Downtown?

4 Responses to “Joy Of Cooking :: Did You Go Downtown?”

  1. Well heck, that’s nice!

  2. I’ve been looking for this one for a while since I was at school in Memphis. Thanks!

  3. Thanks AD. Hadn’t forgotten them.

  4. Ah, the good old days. When I started reviewing music in 1971, this was the first band I’d never heard of before that I loved. Saw them three times on tour back then with Leo Kottke; fantastic shows.

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